How Fabletics is Growing by Leaps and Bounds Due to Customer Reviews

The digital age has changed how we do things. From how, and when, we work to how we shop. In today’s market, the customer no longer relies on advertising from a company to make their buying decisions. Instead, they turn to the internet to find the latest customer reviews. The power of the crowd and their insights can determine if a company is successful or not.


Studies show that using customer reviews on a company’s website affects all aspects of their business. The companies that are leveraging this trend successfully include customer reviews on their website and again on the individual product pages. Positive reviews help increase sales, customer loyalty and customer retention. Fabletics incorporates this concept and as a result has seen a 200% growth since their opening in 2013.


Fabletics is part of the TechStyle Fashion Group. The owners wanted to bring women a more affordable, and stylish, work out wear. They chose Kate Hudson to be their spokesperson and she has always approached this role with passion. Together, they created the Fabletics name and grew the company to be one of the top retailers of athleisure items.


Kate is more than just the spokesperson for the company. She takes part in all of the decisions from social media advertising to choosing the best designs. Kate doesn’t just endorse the products but actually wears them in her every day life. She keeps her eyes on the latest data to determine which items are popular sellers and which ones are not.


It is this data driven focus that has helped Fabletics grow to over one million members since its launch. They focus on customer reviews and other data driven information to determine how much inventory they need and how to continue to grow their market. And since estimated sales are projected to top $250 million this year, this approach is certainly working.


Fabletics is a membership based company selling workout tops, pants and shoes. When you create your account you will be asked to complete the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is designed to match you with the best outfits for you based on your daily activities. Shoppers can then choose to shop from the selections created for them and check out as a guest. Or, to get the best deal, join as a VIP member and enjoy savings over 50% plus earn loyalty points to be used towards free items.

The Appeal of Fabletics

There is a strong amount of competition in the air when it comes to athletic clothing for women. This concept is taking off in a major way and the competition is strong because celebrities are such a big part of the equation. There are a lot of partnerships being formed now that more celebrities are promoting the concept of working out through social media. Beyonce, for example, has connected with Topshop. Carrie Underwood has a clothing line partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods called CALIA.


Anyone could become a bit apprehensive about going into the clothing line for women with all of this competition. Kate Hudson, however, has not been fearful of what the competition is doing because she is already transforming the athletic clothing in the street on her own. She has a very hot brand right now, and she is putting all of her effort into promoting this.


The fans are impressed with what she has done so far, and the great thing about her clothing line is that it speaks to the middle-aged woman as well as young adults.

People are going to be talking about what she has done in the clothing industry because she has been able to partner up with young adults like Demi Lovato. This is where she has been able to grab the attention of young consumers. As a middle-aged woman Kate Hudson has been able to attract a middle-aged crowd of adults on her own. She has been in acting industry for decades, and it is no doubt that she is one of the best when it comes to building a successful clothing company with clothes that are affordable and stylish. People may not have always thought this was a possibility for Kate Hudson, but she has proven that she has what it takes to run a company.


The thing that may be even more important for her is that more women are lining up to see what she is planning next with the opening of more stores. This may be one of the most important things that she can do when she is trying to lure more customers. People definitely want to build a better wardrobe, and Kate Hudson is certainly the one that makes sure that women have access to bountiful garments for their work out process. This is where her strengths lie when it comes to gaining more customers.