Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Strikes Hit Again With Video Software Featuring WebRTC

Longtime digital video innovator Talk Fusion is announcing the newest addition to their line of software products, Live Meetings. The software features an upgraded user-interface that is integrated seamlessly on top of the popular real-time framework, WebRTC. With Live Meetings, users can easily transmit high-quality video, including one-way video, and webinar-style video between multiple parties. Ideal for meetings and presentations, this video conference software represents a significant convenience factor over traditional video sharing, in large part because there is no need for users to download software to view any video. Additionally, viewers will have access to hassle-free Live Meetings videos on all platforms, including tablets, mobile phones, and browsers.


The software boasts other advantages over prior products, including significantly increased ease-of-use, higher audio and video quality, and heightened security out of the box. Waiting rooms that allow hosts to test out their setups before any attendees can hear or see them, as well as the ability to present to over 500 attendees at a time, are product additions that put Live Meetings over the top, compared to competing platforms. This is not the first Talk Fusion product to be integrated with the modern WebRTC framework: Video Chat won several awards for best communication software solution, from Technology Marketing Corporation. Being the second time around working with the WebRTC platform, Talk Fusion looks to surpass the functionality, convenience, and productivity they have innovated with prior solutions.


The early success of Live Meetings should come as no surprise to those who have followed the journey of Talk Fusion through the years. For former number one police academy graduate, and Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina, the idea that would eventually become a video giant, started out as a simple problem. When Bob realized in 2004 that a task as simple as sharing a video of a home he was touring wasn’t possible via email, he set out to find a solution. Soon, Talk Fusion’s Video Email was born, and not long after that, an entire suite of video marketing solutions joined their line of digital video solutions.


Now, the company’s culture can be seen as a reflection of the early princliples that Reina instilled from day one. Animals are welcome in Talk Fusion offices, the company has donated $1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and the company DNA strives to live by the belief that, “with great success comes greater responsibility.”┬áLearn more:

Ronald Fowlkes Supports Police and Other Law Enforcement

Ronald Fowlkes started his career out as a military professional. When he was in this position, he learned about the different things that were going on in the world around him and that’s what helped him make all the right decisions for his career later on. He enjoyed the military and liked the fact there were things he could do to make sure he was doing things right. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Even if he was in a paramilitary position, Ronald Fowlkes felt it would be something he could enjoy doing and something he could benefit from. Ronald Fowlkes decided a career in law enforcement would be the best thing to do since he was so interested in living that lifestyle while also providing valuable help to people who were in need.


When Ronald Fowlkes started out as a police officer, he learned everything he needed to know about law enforcement. He had a lot of help from the people who he worked with and that’s what made him the best he could be. He tried to always make sure he was learning the things he needed to know and he did his best to give people the opportunities they needed. Everything he learned about law enforcement came from his career as a police officer and from the things he knew he could do to make the community better than it had ever been.


When Ronald Fowlkes was assigned to a special team as one of the leaders, he was prepared to help people. He had always wanted to make a difference and he finally had the chance to do it while he was helping people with the issues they had. Ronald Fowlkes worked hard as a team leader and always tried to make sure he was showing people what they could do to make their experience as police officers better, too. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of how he could make a difference and it gave him all the opportunities he needed to continue working.


The ideas he had were all about how he could support law enforcement. One of the things he was going to do was offer people the chance to get support they didn’t have through their agency. While they had tools they could use that were provided by the law enforcement agencies, they didn’t have everything they needed. Ronald Fowlkes knew this and knew he would need to try different things if he was going to make a positive impact on the community. It all led back to supporting law enforcement and trying to be a good influence on the community around him.


Betsy DeVos is a Lamb in Public and a Bulldog in Private

Most political commentators only see the public face of Betsy DeVos. She’s often depicted as a gracious individual, such as when she addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference after privately disagreeing with a policy shift by the Trump administration regarding bathroom use policies. DeVos is often able to deliver news in a manner that avoids irritating those receiving it.


However, looking at her through this lens only tells half the story. Behind closed doors, Betsy DeVos is a fiery individual who has familial connections to top organizations like Blackwater and Amway. She has long fought to steer taxpayer money away from traditional education departments and put it into voucher programs that allow parents to pay for tuition at private schools.


Opponents have long called this a conservative plan to undermine the public education system, but DeVos has shot down these accusations. She argues that the free market would do a much better job of handling the education system. DeVos points to the Great Lakes Education Project, which she founded.


While the public school system in Detroit continues to crumble, the area now has the largest concentration of charter schools in the nation. The fact that the supply exceeds the total demand in some parts of the region seems to prove her point about how much more efficiently these schools can perform than traditional public ones. Public school administrators continue to complain of crowding while charter school classrooms have more than enough space.


Critics claim that she fought as hard as she could to prevent new laws from coming into effect that would close existing charter schools. They’re actually right about this, but it shows just how passionate she fights for the school system that she had a hand in building. From her point of view, public schools are imploding because of their unstable foundation. Most reports have a tendency to neglect this part of DeVos’ position on the issue as well as just how passionate she is about her charitable causes.


Betsy DeVos and her husband gave away around $11.6 million in contributions to charitable causes in 2015 alone. In spite of her connections to politics, this is more than twice the amount she gave away to political causes over the last five years. She even made an appearance at a charter school founded by reggaeton superstar Pitbull. While her critics may focus on positions that they disagree with, they can’t say that DeVos doesn’t fight for what she believes in.


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