Brad Reifler: the Head of Forefront Capital and a Guru in Investment Matters

Brad Reifler is an investor and n veteran entrepreneur who has steered many companies across the United States to success. After years of working for other firms and prominent businesspersons, Brad was able to establish Forefront Capital, LLC. He is a global authority in matters like technical recruitment, management, and talent acquisition, and project management.

Brad Reifler’s career history

Brad Reifler commenced his independent career when he established Reifler Trading Company in the 80’s. Under Brad’s headship, this company managed discretionary accounts worth millions of US dollars.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler also played a vital role in revolutionizing the company to an organization that provides derivative advisory, information distribution, and conducts institutional research. Before selling the business to Refco Inc., Reifler Trading Company was one of the largest independent futures operations in the U.S.

Upon selling his first enterprise, Brad started Pali Capital in the mid-1990. This company specialized in brokerage and private equity. Through this company, he was able to venture into hedge fund world. However, Brad Reifler did not offer clients advice on what and how to buy stocks.

His company was involved in conducting market research as well as secondary structures and credit analysis after which it taught customers how to develop strategies and implement them. This company grew into a billion dollar business that hired hundreds of people across the globe.

Brad Reifler’s role in Forefront Capital, LLC

Brad’s primary focus at the moment is his latest startup, Forefront Capital, LLC which he launched in 2009. This company has other subsidiaries, including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Brad serves as the president and the CEO of this business, which pioneers in the provision of differentiated product offering. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

These group of companies serves clients, such as top investment bankers, registered investment advisors, and other business leaders. Brad’s three-decade experience in the Wall Street has enabled him to interact and work with a variety of influential corporate leaders in the finance industry.

This company holds the Forefront Community in high regard since it is this group that introduces unique opportunities to the firm. This community includes board members of the Fortune 500 companies.

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