Ronald Fowlkes Supports Police and Other Law Enforcement

Ronald Fowlkes started his career out as a military professional. When he was in this position, he learned about the different things that were going on in the world around him and that’s what helped him make all the right decisions for his career later on. He enjoyed the military and liked the fact there were things he could do to make sure he was doing things right. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Even if he was in a paramilitary position, Ronald Fowlkes felt it would be something he could enjoy doing and something he could benefit from. Ronald Fowlkes decided a career in law enforcement would be the best thing to do since he was so interested in living that lifestyle while also providing valuable help to people who were in need.


When Ronald Fowlkes started out as a police officer, he learned everything he needed to know about law enforcement. He had a lot of help from the people who he worked with and that’s what made him the best he could be. He tried to always make sure he was learning the things he needed to know and he did his best to give people the opportunities they needed. Everything he learned about law enforcement came from his career as a police officer and from the things he knew he could do to make the community better than it had ever been.


When Ronald Fowlkes was assigned to a special team as one of the leaders, he was prepared to help people. He had always wanted to make a difference and he finally had the chance to do it while he was helping people with the issues they had. Ronald Fowlkes worked hard as a team leader and always tried to make sure he was showing people what they could do to make their experience as police officers better, too. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of how he could make a difference and it gave him all the opportunities he needed to continue working.


The ideas he had were all about how he could support law enforcement. One of the things he was going to do was offer people the chance to get support they didn’t have through their agency. While they had tools they could use that were provided by the law enforcement agencies, they didn’t have everything they needed. Ronald Fowlkes knew this and knew he would need to try different things if he was going to make a positive impact on the community. It all led back to supporting law enforcement and trying to be a good influence on the community around him.


Betsy DeVos is a Lamb in Public and a Bulldog in Private

Most political commentators only see the public face of Betsy DeVos. She’s often depicted as a gracious individual, such as when she addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference after privately disagreeing with a policy shift by the Trump administration regarding bathroom use policies. DeVos is often able to deliver news in a manner that avoids irritating those receiving it.


However, looking at her through this lens only tells half the story. Behind closed doors, Betsy DeVos is a fiery individual who has familial connections to top organizations like Blackwater and Amway. She has long fought to steer taxpayer money away from traditional education departments and put it into voucher programs that allow parents to pay for tuition at private schools.


Opponents have long called this a conservative plan to undermine the public education system, but DeVos has shot down these accusations. She argues that the free market would do a much better job of handling the education system. DeVos points to the Great Lakes Education Project, which she founded.


While the public school system in Detroit continues to crumble, the area now has the largest concentration of charter schools in the nation. The fact that the supply exceeds the total demand in some parts of the region seems to prove her point about how much more efficiently these schools can perform than traditional public ones. Public school administrators continue to complain of crowding while charter school classrooms have more than enough space.


Critics claim that she fought as hard as she could to prevent new laws from coming into effect that would close existing charter schools. They’re actually right about this, but it shows just how passionate she fights for the school system that she had a hand in building. From her point of view, public schools are imploding because of their unstable foundation. Most reports have a tendency to neglect this part of DeVos’ position on the issue as well as just how passionate she is about her charitable causes.


Betsy DeVos and her husband gave away around $11.6 million in contributions to charitable causes in 2015 alone. In spite of her connections to politics, this is more than twice the amount she gave away to political causes over the last five years. She even made an appearance at a charter school founded by reggaeton superstar Pitbull. While her critics may focus on positions that they disagree with, they can’t say that DeVos doesn’t fight for what she believes in.


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Banco Bradesco ATM Market Will Increase By 18 Percent In 2018 According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco was the largest private Brazilian bank until Unibanco and Itaú got together in 2009. But Bradesco’s size is still impressive. The bank’s net worth is $65.3 billion. There are more than 4,600 bank branches, and hundreds of partnerships with supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, and other retail establishments. Bradesco was one of the first Brazilian banks to use the ATM biometric system which reads the vascular pattern of hands. Customers are able to use more than 29,000 ATMs across the country without putting in a password thanks to the biometric hand-reading system. And Brazilians aren’t shy about using this ATM system.

The Bradesco ATM system is popular. The bank claims the system is so popular it has 462.5 million hits under its digital metal belt. And that figure is going up in 2018, according to CEO and the new Chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco on The current forecast is ATM banking will increase by 18 percent in 2018, so the bank is making plans to ensure quality ATM service. Bradesco’s operation chief, Josué Augusto Pancini is the man behind the ATM hand-reading system, and he is one of the seven candidates who could replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has to give up the CEO position because he is too old for the job under current bank guidelines. Bradesco put an age cap on the position, and Trabuco will exceed that 67-year-old cap in 2018. But Luiz is not going anywhere. Thanks to Lázaro de Mello Brandão, Trabuco is now the new chairman of the bank’s Board of Directors. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is the man who gave Bradesco a firm hold on the private Brazilian banking market, but at 91-years-old, he’s ready to turn the keys over to Trabuco.


But Lázaro de Mello Brandão doesn’t get all the credit for Bradesco’s success over the last 40 years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the face of the bank, and he is the banker that Wall Street likes and promotes. According to, the bank’s stock is currently trading at more than $9.80 a share, and Wall Street believes the value of Bradesco stock could jump well over the 2017 high of more than $11.50 a share in 2018. But in order to meet Wall Street expectations, Trabuco needs a strong team, and he believes one of the seven candidates will be able to continue what he started. The seven men in the running for the CEO position are operations chief, Josué Augusto Pancini, IT Vice-President Mauricio Machado de Minas, investment Vice-President, Marcelo Noronha, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, the current Vice-President of the bank’s loan division, and the current President of Banco Seguros, Octavio de Lazari. Human Resource Vice-President Andre Cano, and the man who helped Trabuco put the HSBC acquisition together in 2015, Alexandre da Silva Glüher is in the hunt for the big job. All seven men met current bank standards. But doing what Trabuco does as CEO is not going to be easy.

Mr. Trabuco is well-known in the international banking industry because of his management and banking style. He’s been around the bank since 1969, and he is familiar with every bank position. But starting as a bank trainee wasn’t his first choice. Trabuco has a philosophy degree from the Sao Paulo University, and he did psychology graduate work before joining the bank. He was president of Banco Seguros for six years, and he has nine years of CEO experience. Some bank officials say taking over for Lázaro de Mello Brandão will be a piece of cake for Trabuco because of his close working relationship with Brandão. Trabuco is only the third Chairman in the bank’s history. Brandão will still have a desk, and a say-so when Trabuco officially takes over at the March 2018 shareholders meeting.

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Osteo Relief Institute Provides Treatment For Chronic Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis

For people with osteoporosis, there are many steps that they can take to manage the symptoms and pain of osteoporosis. They include making changes to the diet and workplace and receiving proper medical care and support.


Anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis will benefit from consuming more fruits and vegetables. Eating cooked foods made at home with fresh ingredients can also be beneficial and help with the symptoms. Processed foods can also aggravate osteoporosis and should be limited.


If you suffer from osteoarthritis, then you probably know that repetitive motions and manual labor may be difficult and uncomfortable. If you are in a job that requires this, then you should consider changing your occupation. Physical therapists can also teach you how to deal with limitations or pain at the job. Working less and seeking benefits is another option (


Anybody with osteoporosis should have access to proper medical care. Medication should be taken, and a treatment plan should be followed. This can prevent the condition from getting worse and alleviate pain. A strong support network can also help in dealing with osteoporosis.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a place where those suffering from osteoarthritis can go to receive both invasive and non-invasive treatment. Clinics associated with the Osteo Relief Institute are multi-disciplinary clinics. This means that there is a range of healthcare professionals, therapists, and nurses there. It also means that you can receive a variety of treatment and management care at Osteo Relief Institute locations.


Suffering from osteoarthritis does not mean you have to undergo surgery. This should be a last resort (LinkedIn). The Osteo Relief Institute offers the following treatment options at its affiliated health clinics. Patients can receive joint lubrication injections. This can help ease the pain associated with arthritis and osteoporosis. The lubrication can eliminate or reduce the pain that results from bone grinding upon bone.


Another technique that can be effective for someone suffering from osteoporosis is spine and knee strengthening exercises. Doctors recommend exercise to strengthen the bones and muscles. The Osteo Relief Institute can also offer bio-mechanical bracing treatment options for osteoarthritis. This is a great alternative to invasive surgery and other knee problems that result from injuries.

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The Business Career of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC. He founded this company back in 2015. Glen holds a degree in Bachelor of Science Economics and finance from the University of Scranton. Glen also has an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago where he studied in 1993. During his time as a capitalist and a counselor, Glen modernized different organizations resulting in their development and organization. He also worked hard to motivate start-ups in the field of business, new market speculations and encouraged exponential progression and more.


Glen Wakeman is also a shareholder and a writer who shares his knowledge and thoughts through systematic blogs and publications about multinational monetary issues, emerging trends in the market, executive and administration approaches among others. He talks about business developments and changes, international substances, and effective leadership styles.


Puerto Rico has had a difficult hurricane season this year after a million residents lost their power after being clipped by Hurricane Irma in September (Ideamensch). The Island was flooded by heavy rains for over 30 hours and strong terrible winds. The transportation systems, energy structures, homes, and infrastructure were completely destroyed.


The American Red Cross has established swift and rapid measures to help in the situation in Puerto Rico ( It has deployed employees and volunteers on the Island since the occurrence of the hurricane. It has also mobilized volunteers and prospective donors to offer relief supplies where needed. The Red Cross has helped in supplying the victims with water, food, pest’s repellants and household restoration kits among other essential facilities. The organization has also facilitated conveyance and transfer of satellite phones and other technological means to Puerto in order to effect back communication after the cell phone services were interposed by the hurricane.


It has also sent nurses and other medical practitioners and specialists across Puerto to help treat suffering people and the victims. Glen Wakeman has been on the forefront to offer donations to the victims through his corporations and different organizations. His knowledge of the importance of lending a helping hand and charitable donations can be highly credited. He has always preached and encouraged the people to always be willing to offer necessary support to its own community.

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Dr. Mark Holterman contributions in pediatric surgery

Dr. Mark Holterman is a great scholar, a researcher, and a pediatric surgeon who has experience that spans over twenty years. Dr. Mark teaches at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He has practiced as a surgeon for over twenty years, and he is currently working as a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Besides working as a professor at the University and a pediatrician, Dr. Mark conducts a lot of research on regenerative medicine, stem cell therapies, cancer treatments, and obesity.


Dr. Mark Holterman education background

A solid education background backs Dr. Mark Holterman’s experience as a researcher, scholar, and a practicing pediatrician. Dr. Holterman went to Yale University for his undergraduate degree and majored in biology. After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Mark Holterman went to the University of Virginia where he pursued his masters and Ph.D. degrees. While getting his Ph.D., Dr. Mark Holterman undertook a pediatric fellowship program that was sponsored by the University of Washington.


 Dr. Mark Holterman’s career experience

In his career, Dr. Mark Holterman has served in various institutions that include universities and various hospitals where he works as a pediatrician. Dr. Mark Holterman was at one point worked at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as the surgeon-in-chief ( He also worked at Rush Hospital medical center as a pediatric surgeon.


In his career, Dr. Mark Holterman has held various leadership roles. Some of the prominent positions that he has served include serving as the CMO and the CEO of Mariam Global Health ( This is a firm that invests in huge resources in innovation companies.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a strong advocate of regenerative medicine. He has conducted extensive research into stem therapy and the use of ethical means to obtain stem cells for use in research. Dr. Mark has presented his research findings at various international conferences that include the AACT conference. Dr. Mark Holterman believes that a lot of research and clinical trials needs to be done for any progress to be achieved in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Besides his career accomplishments, Dr. Mark Holterman has been involved in various charitable organizations, which support children’s health.

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Stream Energy Your Trusted Electric Provider in Texas and Beyond

Electric energy is one of the most crucial factors in the development and economic prosperity of any economy. A number of players, both public and private have ensured their industries and individuals alike get to enjoy these services all over the world. One company that is leading this narrative in Texas and beyond is Stream Energy.


For those who do not know, Stream Energy according to reports is a leading provider of electrical connectivity services and has been recognized in Texas as one of the ten best retail electrical services. Despite being known to offer excellent and high-quality services, Stream Energy is most sort of thanks to its direct selling strategy. This is not all, according to findings that tested 52 REPs on grounds of nine important factors; local reputation, customer services, environmental dedication, community support, communication effectiveness, competitive rates, customer focus, reliable quality and enhanced offerings and billings, Stream Energy was able to emerge among the best. According to the findings, Texas residents rated the energy company highly thanks to its commitment to the community in addition to its high-quality services.


The dedication to its community is a boost of confidence to its market with their customers knowing that they can count on them at any given point in time. In line with this, Stream Energy recently pledged a donation of $25,000 to go to the nonprofit organization, the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane Harvey victims.


About Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a leading Dallas-based direct selling company of electrical energy services. The company was founded in 2005 and has enjoyed a number of successes to date with the biggest success and breakthrough being $8 billion in revenues. This is a lifetime achievement for the company coming only 12 years after the company has been in operation ( In order to achieve this, Stream Energy has revolutionized the energy industry riding on its innovations to create the biggest direct selling energy company not only in Texas but also the world at large.


One point to note about Stream Energy is that it’s an all-inclusive service provider. Some of the works the company is known for include home connection services, energy services, protective service and wireless services among other (DallasNews). Currently, the company is operational in Texas, Georgia its headquarters, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and soon to be in Illinois.


Jorge Moll’s Ambition for Better Health Care Services in Brazil

A renowned Doctor and an entrepreneur, Jorge Moll, is the President and co-founder of the D’Or Hospital Network. The D’Or Hospital Network is a major network of hospitals having over 30 hospitals under its name. All of the hospitals have state of the art facilities, exclusive structures and provide world-class services to all of its patients.


Jorge Moll, a cardiologist by profession, always stands out among many other cardiologists due to many reasons ( One of the reasons being his evident role in embracing technology as a key tool in bettering the lives of people especially patients all over the world. Jorge Moll recently had an interview on technology and medicine. He explained the role of technology in the advancement of medicine.


Jorge Moll began by stating that it is in today’s world, innovation allied to health is a great trend. He goes on to say that, it is impossible to talk about the advances in the world of medicine without including the role technology since it has played in making these advances a success. Jorge Moll then gives a vivid example of the famous Google Glasses which has numerous benefits. One, the technology can enable doctors and patients interact more efficiently. Moreover, using Google Glasses there is greater depth and safety in evaluating medical cases.


True to this, he has even incorporated technology into the day to day activities of every hospital under the D’Or Network, a well-established hospital network in Brazil (GloboPlay). The Star Cup hospital is one of the many hospitals owned by D’Or Hospital Network and is filled with great facilities, features, and technology to better the lives of patients.


It is clear that Jorge Moll is a man ready and willing to revolutionize the health sector in Brazil. Jorge Moll firmly believes that if various players in the health sector come together a lot can be changed and achieved in Brazil’s health sector. Entrepreneurs, individual developers, hospital networks and venture capitalists are some of the critical players Jorge Moll hopes to incorporate in his plan. Specifically, Jorge Moll firmly believes that if the players embrace partnerships, the health sector will be improved effectively.


How Betsy DeVos Made a Name for Herself in the Business, Political, and Philanthropy Worlds

Born on January 8, 1958, in Michigan, Betsy DeVos looked up to her father, Edgar Prince, who was a wealthy industrialist and founder of the Prince Corporation. Her dad’s company supplied automobile parts in Holland, Michigan. Betsy is an alumnus of the famed Holland Christian High School and Calvin College where she graduated with a BA in economics. She developed an interest in politics in college and took part in campus politics. Today, she is the mother of four children and proud wife to Dick DeVos. Her spouse is a wealthy heir to Amway and Richard DeVos’ son. Betsy is one of the most active Republican Party members and supporter of school voucher programs, charter schools, and school choice. On November 23, 2016, when Donald Trump was president-elect, he announced that his pick for the Secretary of Education docket was Betsy DeVos. Later in February, she won by a margin of 51-50 in the Senate votes. As a businessperson, Betsy DeVos chairs the executive board of a privately held corporation known as the Windquest Group. Windquest’s investment interests are in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Dick and Betsy are distinguished investors in Neurocore, which is comprised of brain performance centers offering therapy for mental illnesses.


Financial Giving


Betsy DeVos has also made a name for herself in the political fundraising scene in the US. She first gained critical acclaim in the scene in 2004 after raising over $150,000. The money was used to fund George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. The DeVos Family has also been active in the political fundraising scene by supporting Republican Party candidates with donations worth over $17 million. The DeVos Family is famous for being the largest single donor to the Republican Party. According to Betsy, her family is geared towards fostering a conservative governing philosophy. She also states that the philosophy entails respect for traditional American values and limited government. Betsy and her family not only expects the Republican Party to win elections through the funds but also to promote this philosophy.


Charity Work


Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that has been operating since 1989, Betsy supports programs and organizations focusing on education, arts, leadership, justice, and community. The DeVos Foundation has a lifetime philanthropic giving of $139 million. In 2015 alone, the family organization’s philanthropic giving amounted to $11.9 million. These contributions have helped to improve institutions such as Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Value and the Institute for Justice. Others that have benefited include Baptists for Life, Pregnancy Resource Center and Center for Individual Rights. The family organization’s donations have also targeted public schools, charter schools, and private Christian schools. Betsy is personally involved with non-profit organizations like Action Institute, former chair, treasurer and board member, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, donor and former board member, and ArtPrize. The DeVos family funds 16 percent of ArtPrize’s yearly budget.


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The Connection which Exists between Hussain Sajwani and the Current President

There is a lot that has been said about the state dinner that was held at the beginning of this year. The media houses were abuzz with news of those who had participated in the process, and their connection to the businessman turned president, Donald Trump. One of the names that drew the attention of many is Hussain Sajwani. Trump implied that there were some business deals they were discussing with Sajwani, and now everyone wants to know who Hussain is and the role that he plays in the entire process. Here is what you may not know about Hussain.


Hussain is a billionaire who owns the DAMAC Group which is located in the United Arab Emirates. He has been in the real estate industry for the past 20 years. Hussain has concentrated on the creation of luxury real estate, and now his business has expanded its reach to the entire Middle East. The cities where he is operational include Dubai, Doha, Beirut, and even London. The DAMAC owner is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 billion. He has been working on some projects for several other businessmen, and the most recent project that he completed was a golf resort for the Trumps. This state of the art golfing complex was opened earlier this year, and among the people who attended the function were Trump’s sons.


The real estate developer believes in hard work and resilience to succeed in investing. He has in the past invested in other businesses and has also worked in other companies. There was a time that he was an employee of GASCO, which is under ADNOC. The Hussain Sajwani Family is, therefore, one of the most prominent in the Middle East, and one of the most successful in business.


Hussain is also a philanthropist and a source of inspiration to many in the society. He is a member of the board in one of the leading Universities in Jordan. Hussain has in the past collaborated with organizations such as the Red Cross to bring water to the less fortunate. He is an inspirational and transformation oriented leader. Learn more: